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The trope Bury Your Gays goes back centuries, and is unfortunately still in full use today.

TV Tropes (tvtropes.org) describes the trope as one where “gay characters just aren’t allowed happy endings.” While it makes sense that in older works this might have been more prevalent–especially with lesbian pulp fiction where one author was told that the gay characters were not allowed happy endings–it seems like there is no need for it in 2016.

Tom noted that she still hadn’t even put clothes on yet, still wearing the same pair of peach colored panties and matching lace bra that she had been frolicking around in hours ago.

Suddenly, in the middle of his reflective day-dreaming, the bathroom door nudged open, and from the quarter-opened gateway emerged Maisie.

As a minority, you tend to look everywhere to see yourself represented.

Whether it be in movies, books, TV shows, music, or life, there’s something comforting in knowing that you can see parts of yourself in others.

From the 1970s until now, there have been 162 deaths of queer female characters on TV, out of around 380 queer female characters altogether. Many say that these characters were killed off for so-calledshock value, but the thing is, it’s not so shocking anymore. According to an article in , which studied queer women in fiction, 35% of shows have dead lesbian/bi female characters, and 84% of shows don’t give lesbian/bi female characters happy endings.

We constantly see ourselves dying, being written off, or being heartbroken.

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