Weblogic java.io.invalidclassexception

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Thread.run(Thread.java:680) method: when you write an instance to an output stream, it calls the write Object method, which writes an int, and then writes the object to the output stream, which write an int, etc.

The goal of the serial Version UID field is to check that the objects are compatible. You don't have to do anything except changing the serial Version UID value when the class changes.

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Object Input Object(Object Input Stream.java:350) at cc.Try serializing the inner object, and see if it causes the same problem. And check if it's not a problem with the way you write and read.Try serializing to a Byte Arrayou Output Stream and reading from a Byte Array Input Stream.Object Input Object0(Object Input Stream.java:1355) at Object Input Stream.default Read Fields(Object Input Stream.java:1946) at

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