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User-generated content can be a great supplement to your own content.The most famous example is Amazon's book reviews, which date from 1996 (not exactly "2.0.").Users will visit the site to find the pick-up dates and rules.Nonetheless, the Christmas tree pick-up page is an example of how government websites can offer taxpayers great ROI : if done right, this one page will save the city from answering endless phone calls — each costing or more.Communities, which were the main recommendation in the 1997 book , are also an old idea.

The number of companies that chase the same advertising dollars as their only business model is a sure sign that we're at the peak of Bubble 2.0.

While there's no single definition of the much-abused "Web 2.0" term, I'll look at four trends that are often considered its defining elements: UI.

When all they can do is click a link to get a new page, users know how to operate the UI .

You can't just emulate designs you see around the Web — they're likely to be bad because they were hacked together by geeks drunk on the newest and coolest tech.

And, sadly, "newest and coolest" usually translates into "untried and unusable" — and thus money-losing.

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