Trekkie dating site

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”The site boasts millions of profiles, mainly from the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia and Bird thinks that the site will continue to increase in popularity as the new movie and the new series draws a new generation of fans.

Online dating does seem to be how most youngsters meet these days and other options are available to fans of all franchises.

Only because I'm pretty sure he's referencing Sir Mix A Lot's Baby Got Back, when he says "Klingon face with an Alderaan booty." And this makes me love him.

His Approach/Chat Up Line: "I'm programmed in multiple techniques; a broad variety of pleasuring." (I love this guy-he's so committed. Closing Skills: Did you know the Vulcan Salute originated from the Shocker?

You sign up, enter your location and preference, and look for love.

If I were single and into online dating, I might take the advantages of this website.

Well now you can search for your very own Trekkie partner online on an updated Star Trek-themed dating website, Trek

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Trekkers are a savvier lot, and legend has it, the term was originated in the 1970s to try draw a line between those fans jumping on the Star Trek band wagon, and the die- hards, who were there from episode 1- the Trekkers. Conversation Skills/Rapport: Scottish import so he kinda sounded like Shrek. Closing skills: Pretty normal dude, weird he's on Date A Trekkie.

And remember, kids, if you wanna go Deep Space 9, pull out, lest you spawn the next generation.

I think the earth just rocked off its axis for a moment while the sun and the moon both smiled. If you are a huge Star Trek fan, I’m sure you know that trekkie dating can be tough.

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