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"Aqmi n'a aucun intérêt �* tuer les otages" - le That would be Abou Zeid on the left, unmasked. Le chef d'Aqmi supplié par sa mère - le More pictures from the video: The video by You Tube: You Tube - ‫يوتيوب المجاهدين مؤسسة الأندلس تنظيم القاعدة في بلاد المغرب الإسلامي صور و تسجيل صوتي للأسرى الفرنسيين بالنيجر You Tube Mujahideen‬ Ulrich P.S.: I'm off for some time, have to fight the tumor in my lungs.:-) T-shirts Cotton or synth sweat-wicking t-shirts with the Horizons Unlimited logo on the front and a snappy slogan (changing every year) on the back. If you sell motorcycles or motorcycle accessories, riding gear, camping equipment and clothing, transport motorcycles, organize motorcycle tours, or have motorcycles to rent, you should be advertising with us! Help keep your favorite website going and get additional HUBB privileges! HOLIDAY SPECIAL: Buy 4 Calendars and get free shipping anywhere in the world!Calendars Featuring the 13 winning photos from the Horizons Unlimited annual motorcycle travel photo contest! French to have requested US intel for finding the hostages. ENLÈVEMENTS : Des drones américains pour repérer les otages français ?World Map Sticker for Panniers Show your route on your panniers. , actualité Monde : Le Point AQIM's claim of abduction occurred in northern Niger evoke the five French hostages, the other two hostages African nationalities were not mentioned.

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Algiers- The Mauritanian authorities have released 27 Malian smugglers, members of groups of drug traffickers.

They have left the central prison in Nouakchott on Monday night.

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