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The death of Baron Von Humboldt was announced, with appropriate remarks, by Dr. Baron Voti Humboldt was elected a member of this Society, July 20, 1S04, and died at Berlin, May 7, 1859, aged 89. The minutes of the last meetiuij; of the Board of Officers and Council vverc read. PValey, were ordered to be printed for the use of the members. The following donations for the Library were announced: — Astronomical Jour. The resolutions of Council, relating to the Magellanic pre- mium, implying an alteration of the by-laws, they were laid upon the table for consideration at the meeting: and, on motion of Mi*. 57, 58 of the Proceedings, from the Society of Antiquaries, dated London, May 20, 1859; and announcing a donation for the Library, from the Royal Observatory, dated Greenwich, May 12, 1859.

Les- le}' was nominated for election to that office: after which, on motion, the nomination was closed. 3S5, 3S6 and 3S7, were read, and the Society was adjourned. N 0- S^ibnirn of tijc |llu5cum OF COMPARATIVE ZOOLOGY, AT n ARVAKD COLLEGE, CAMERIBCE. VII JANUARY 1859 TO JANUARY 1861 PHILADELPHIA PRINTED FOR THE SOCIETY BY C. SON 1861 PROCEEDINGS AMERICAN PHILOSOPHICAL SOCIETY. 28, 1858, acknowledg;ing the receipt of notice of his election as a member of the Society; — from Col. For this donation the thanks of the Society were directed to be communicated to Col. The following donations for the Library were announced: — Astronomical Journal, No.

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