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Following the success of the B16 Spyder during the latter part of 1970, Chevron put this model into production for 1971 as the Chevron B19 (although typically known as the Chevron B-19 in the US).Powered by the 1790cc Cosworth FVC engine, the B19 finished second in the 1971 European 2-litre Sports Car Championship behind Helmut Marko's Lola T212.There is a full list of all the people who have helped at the foot of this page.I am also very grateful to Jeremy J, Pieter, Steve, Philippe R, Norbert, Paul Vesty, Stuart Davey, Nigel Clark, Rupert Lowes, Simon Du Plessis, Gerald Swan, Peter Collins, Martin Fokkens, Jay Bonvouloir and Pete W Lo Bianco for the use of their photographs. The first B19 on Chevron's records is shown going to Chevron's Italian agent Eris Tondelli.At the end of 1974, Zaborowski entered his car at the Jarama 2 Hours, and was quoted saying of his "tatty Chevron B19 which has been updated to B21 specification - 'You get more start money if the organisers think you have the later model'". According to Zaborowski, the chassis plate from B19-71-3 was put onto a new rolling chassis built by Vin Malkie in 1993. Advertised in December 1971 "B19 roller with spares and spare FT200 and full race BMW engine" by Bamford from Clows Top, Worcestershire.Raced at Brands Hatch BOAC 1000 kms (MN p14-17), co-driven by Mc Inerney and fitted with a 1980cc Alan Smith FVC. The Chevron then disappeared for many years until it was bought from John Evans by Colin Pool in September 1985.Colin Pool's Chevron B19 at the Brands Hatch International Historic Weekend 31 May-1 June 1986. Raced by Colin Pool in historic racing and in Thundersports in 1986 (#63; co-driver William Wykeham). Then fitted with 2-litre alloy block Hart BDA engine and raced by Miles at Hockenheim 4 Jul, Croft 10 July, Brands Hatch 30 Aug (BDA engine changed to FVC), Nürburgring 5 Sep (co-driven by Wilson Fittipaldi) and Thruxton 19 Sep (FVC).

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Barber was often the quicker of the two but wrecked his Chevron (believed to be the team's B16) at Blackhawk Farms .

Also Paul Stott and Colin Pool shared a dark blue #5 Plumtree Racing Chevron B19 in the BRDC C2 Championship race at Silverstone on . Described four weeks later at a sprint at Silverstone (MN p5) as "the BDA-powered ex-Miles DART Chevron B19".

At the end of that 1989 season, in fact in the paddock at the final race, Pool sold the car to Richard Arnold. John Miles in the DART Chevron B19 at Brands Hatch on . Raced extensively in libre and sprint events in 1972.

Jeremy Jackson has done an astonishing job supplying pictures of virtually every B19 raced in historic events in the UK and Norbert Vogel and Pieter Melissen are covering European and US events most impressively but more pictures of the cars in the 1970s would be very helpful.

My thanks in particular to Simon Hadfield, Marcus Pye, Brian Redman, Ed Swart, Kevan Mc Lurg, Jeremy Hall, Pieter Melissen, Jeremy Jackson, Norbert Vogel, Philippe Rafesthain, Ian Hebblethwaite, Philippe Demeyer, Steve Wilkinson, Kelvin Jones, Urs Hauenstein, Tim Colman and Roger Andreason for their help and encouragement.

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