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Several obvious sequels spring to mind here; Bad Student, Bad Principal, Bad Janitor, Bad Cafeteria Lady, etc. The American idiocracy apparently have an unlimited appetite for these mindless, immature "comedies" that could all have been written by 12 year old boys.I guess these "writers" never run out of ways to portray farting, male asses and men getting hurt (usually by getting hit in the crotch).A film with a title like this would once have been relegated to the porn industry.Now it's just part of mainstream "comedy," right there alongside other immortal classics like "Super Bad," "Jack Ass," "Kick Ass," etc.See more » Another comic "gem" to satisfy the cravings of an increasingly stupid viewing audience, "Bad Teacher" is accurately titled.

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” marvels Jay, picking up a dropped tablet) and because the simultaneous syncing of multiple i Pads via a fictional app called Frankensync is essential to putting the suspense plot (such as it is) in motion.But their top priority is to infiltrate the home of Hank Rosenbaum (Rob Lowe), the CEO of a wholesome toy company that’s about to acquire Annie’s parenting blog (writing mommy blogs and baking cupcakes being among the fastest-growing fields for entrepreneurial rom-com heroines).In a long sequence at his mansion, the cardigan-clad, apparently placid Hank reveals himself to be a party animal with a taste for gangsta rap and cocaine, which he peer-pressures Annie into snorting with him while Jay combs the house for the i Pad, pursued by a crazed German shepherd.Thank goodness their "talent" was recognized and is being put to such good use.Everyone who had anything to do with this monstrously bad movie should be ashamed of themselves. If "bad teachers" start popping up in real life, they should never be held accountable for their actions, no matter how despicable they are.

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